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The Delegation Of South Africa Overwhelmed The Creative Products Of SME

AACC2015, Jakarta-Asian-African Conference (KAA) in Jakarta and Bandung, 19-24 April 2015, resulted in positive results for the Cooperative Marketing Services Agency small business medium (LLP-KUKM) that promote creative products to South Africa.

Ceo KUKM LLP-Ahmad Zabadi said a delegation of South Africa strongly dazzled with products marketed SME SME Smesco Gallery. “I am proud of the delegates took this visit to KAA Smesco. This proves that the delegation visit program so Smesco KAA for comparative study to Smesco, “he said, SAT (25/4), through its release.

The delegation of South Africa, represented by the CEO of Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) Sipho Zikade, visited his home Smesco cooperatives and SMEs (my house) on Friday 24/4). Representatives of the SEDA is devoted to comparative study Smesco visit.

Comparative study conducted SEDA also has the same mission with Smesco. Thus, the partnership will Smesco with SEDA South Africa.

If this cooperation materialized, said a typical SME products Zabadi, Indonesia will be exhibited or marketed in South Africa. As well as products from South Africa could be on display at the Gallery SMES Smesco.

“CEO SEDA South Africa acknowledged the quality of the product creative SMES at Smesco. Thus, all products are suitable for SMES Smesco marketed in his country, “he said.For many more information, feel free do contact

(Source: InfoPublik/Princess, Editor: Gusti Andry)

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