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AACC2015 Comes to An End

Asian African Conference Commemoration 2015, Bandung, 24th of April 2015 – The Republic of Indonesia President Joko Widodo, in his opening speech welcomed the Heads of State, Governments and Delegations of the 60th Commemoration of the Asian African Conference 2015 (AACC2015) to Bandung, a city where the struggle against colonialism, imperialism and injustice was inflamed and paid tribute to the Asian African initiators: Soekarno, Jawahral Nehru, Mohammad Ali Bogra, Sir John Kotelawala and U Nu, who are today represented by all dignitaries in the room.  He went on to recognise India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Indonesia as aspirational countries.

The ideal of an independent just and prosperous life inspired the birth of the Spirit of Bandung, which ignited the struggle for independence, welfare and justice for the nations of Asia and Africa from the noble attitudes and ideals of these Asian and African predecessors.

President Joko Widodo mentioned that compared to sixty years ago the world has changed with attendance of 91 countries at AACC2015 with the same spirit but different challenges, the passion for prosperity of its people, goals to be achieved through cooperation and partnership and by working in parallel with friends of and from the Asian African countries.

President Jokowi, as he is popularly called stated, “I realise as a president of more than 250 million people, Indonesia is not free from poverty and is still behind developed countries in other parts of the world, a common problem faced by countries in Asia and Africa.”

He called for the reinvigoration of the Bandung Spirit and a continuation of the struggle leaders started 60 years ago. This could be achieved with an increase in mutual understanding, bringing peace in the world, ending all forms of violence and striving for the independence of Palestine. Asians and Africans should work together to improve welfare through economic cooperation and trade whilst striving to align with developed nations in other parts of the world.

Starting with the famous Bandung Historical Walk in Braga area this morning with all Leaders and both continents’ countries’ delegates entering “Gedung Merdeka,” together they followed the order of the day of the AACC2015 whilst around this momentous event more than 20 side events also commemorate this auspicious day. Find out something more about The Delegation Of South Africa.

The final day of AACC2015 is almost come to an end today, from this enactment of historical walk to “Gedung Merdeka” to partake their lunch hosted by the Mayor of Bandung Ridwan Kamil, the Head of States, Governments and Delegations of Asian and African countries part their separate ways, some leaving Indonesia and some remaining celebrate AACC2015 in Bandung and in Jakarta.

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