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Asian-African Conference Commemoration 2015 newbie

Asian-African Conference 1955

The first Asian-African Conference in 1955 marked an important milestone in the history of cooperation amongst Asian and African countries. Delegates from 29 participating countries gathered in Bandung, Indonesia to discuss peace, security, and economic development in the midst of emerging problems in many parts of the world.

These problems were mostly caused by conflict between Eastern and Western blocs, which had differing interests and contradicting ideologies. Each tried to garner support from Asian and African nations in what came to be known as “the Cold War.” The global situation, especially in Asia and Africa, was also affected by colonialism in its various forms and the ensuing conflicts amongst a number of independent Asian and African countries resulting from the divide and conquer strategies employed by the colonial powers. At the time, the United Nations was unable to tackle these problems.

This escalating conflict prompted the governments of Burma (Myanmar), India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Ceylon (Sri Lanka) to organize the Asian African Conference (AAC). They invited governments from Asia, Africa and the Middle East to craft a new ethos of international relations called “The Spirit of Bandung”. The Leaders preset at the AAC also declared “The Ten Principles of Bandung,” which reflected the commitment of nations to practice tolerance and to live in peace with one another as good neighbors.

New Asian African Strategic Partnership 2005

Fifty years after the conference, Indonesia successfully hosted the Commemoration of the Golden Jubilee of the Asia Africa Conference. The Spirit of Bandung was finally revived, and plans were made for future cooperation between the two continents. All participants who gathered on the 22nd to the 24th April 2005 in Jakarta and Bandung were convinced that the Spirit of Bandung endured as a solid foundation to nurture better relations amongst Asian and African countries and to work towards resolving global issues. The commemoration led to the creation of the New Asian African Strategic Partnership (NAASP).

Signed at the golden jubilee by the summit’s co-hosts, Indonesia and South Africa, the Declaration of NAASP serves as the blueprint for collaboration between the two continents in addressing poverty and underdevelopment, which are considered to be major problems in Asia and Africa. It was an accord that aimed at strengthening multilateralism, achieving economic growth, promoting global peace and security, and pursuing a path of sustainable growth between the two regions. Besides that, the Leaders also endorsed the outcome documents that addressed poverty eradication, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, and the development of a tsunami early warning system.

Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the Asian African Conference and 10th Anniversary of the New Asian African Strategic Partnership 

In commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the Asian African Conference and the 10th Anniversary of the New Asian African Strategic Partnership (NAASP), the Government of the Republic of Indonesia will host a series of summit under the theme “Strengthening South-South Cooperation to Promote World Peace and Prosperity” in Jakarta and Bandung on the 19th to the 24th April 2015. Delegates from 109 Asian and African countries, 16 observer countries, and 25 international organizations are invited to participate in this important event.

The forum is aimed at strengthening partnerships among Asian and African nations and sharing experiences in enhancing both regions’ economic development. It is also an opportunity to discuss solutions to overcome common challenges through strengthening South-South Cooperation.

The series of meetings will begin with the Senior Official Meeting on 19th April 2015, which will be followed by the Ministerial Meeting on 20th April and the Leaders’ Meeting on 22nd and 23rd April. In addition, the Asian African Business Summit will be held on 21st and 22nd April in Jakarta as a side event. The Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the Asian-African Conference will be held in Bandung on April 24.

The Asian African Conference Commemoration aims to conclude three outcome documents, namely a document containing the Bandung Message, a document on reinvigorating NAASP, and a declaration regarding Asian-African nations’ support to Palestine. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact